About Us

Islamic Online Radio, TV & Website Propagating Islam 24hrs on the Internet with Variety of Contents from different Muaalims and shaikhs in Akan, Hausa & English Language.

Presenting Islamic News media at the doorstep of people who seek for truth (Islam) and believers worldwide.
To established a Multi Media House Broadcasting Islamic contents(Information, Education, Human & Social Interventions) on Radio & TV (Urban & Online), website and Print Media. we seek to also expand our portals from online based to circular radio and digital television network in our own built studio (THE NEW MAM STADIO) in shaa Allah
MAM RADIO started test transmission September, 2016 which was followed by Live Studio Programs On October 21 same year. It has since being making hallmarks in online dawah and also gained audience around the globe by giving out authentic Islamic education with prominence, objectivity and non distorted message of Allah. MAM Radio was later changed to MAM ONLINE MEDIA NETWORK August 2017.
Now, registered and operational sector under MUSLIM ACCESS MOVEMENT (MAM) officially incorporated in January, 2018 to broadcast Islamic Information, Education, Human & Social Interventions, public dawah in villages and towns and other Islamic Live Coverage. We present high-quality Worldwide news in a rich combination of text, Audio & Video; available on air via mobile App on google playstore (MAM Radio1), Youtube, Facebook,Twitter, Skype, Telegram,Tik Tok, Instagram Whatsapp and website at www.mamghonline.org


Mam Online Media Network is, and remains an Islamic Media House committed in spreading the Message of Islam worldwide. We are a Non denominational Islamic Media with Respected Preachers, Imams, Mallams and cherished audience or followers which:
1. Spreads the Islamic Ideology of Quran and Sunnah,
2. Does not belong to any sect in Islam,
3. Does not engage in Party politics, Tribal bigotries, and traditional chieftaincies issues,
4. Does not indulge in character assassination of a person, preacher, public Figure or Leader.

MAM TV Online